Best ways to submit your requirements
Please be mindful of the following important steps to experience a more efficient salary loan application process.


Make sure to take a clear photo or scanned copy of each required ID and document.

Valid Government ID with 3 specimen signaturesValid Government ID with 3 specimen signatures

Company ID (front and back copy)Company ID (front and back copy)

2 Latest Payslips2 Latest Payslips

These are the following valid IDs:

Primary IDs

Primary IDs

Secondary IDs

Secondary IDs

Important Reminders:


Clear photo


Low-quality photo


Taken on top view


Should not be cropped


Update documents via Borrower Dashboard
Once you're logged in to the dashboard, scroll down to find the Upload Document button.Borrower Dashboard_Uploading Requirements

Login to my Dashboard

You may also send your documents to


Confirm your identity with a photo of yourself holding your valid Government ID

If you have completed all the documents above, you may submit a photo of yourself while holding your valid government ID for faster customer verification. Send it to

Important Reminders:

1. Use the same valid government ID that you've submitted in your application.

2. Make sure your photo is clear and the details of your ID are readable.

3. Do not cover the details of  your valid government ID while taking a photo.