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To give you a more seamless borrowing experience, we are building a more secure and efficient application process. As such, you and your colleague may go through different steps in applying for a loan.

  • Enter the name of your company 
  • Get an initial estimation of your expected loan terms
  • Provide your bank details such as your bank name and account number for loan disbursement
  • Upload your valid government ID, company ID, and 2 latest payslips
  • Take a photo of yourself for identity verification

1. Make sure to take a clear photo or scanned copy of each required ID and document

Valid Government ID with 3 specimen signaturesValid Government ID with 3 specimen signatures

Company ID (front and back copy)Company ID (front and back copy)

2 Latest Payslips2 Latest Payslips

  • Valid Primary IDs: Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, SSS, PRC, and UMID
  • Valid Secondary IDs: Postal ID, NBI, PhilHealth, TIN, Barangay Resident, IBP, PWD, PSA Birth Certificate, and Marriage Contract

2. Provide  the following details: Bank name and Account number (for loan disbursement), TIN and SSS number

You may check our guidelines here to find out the best ways to submit your requirements.

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